fluid overload

Discover our non-invasive drug free system and how it is designed to decongest fluid overloaded patients and improve their quality of life

Discover our non-invasive drug free system and how it is designed to decongest fluid overloaded patients and improve their quality of life

Fluid Overload

Fluid overload hospitalizes millions of patients worldwide. It is caused by an excessive build-up of fluids in the interstitial compartment which interferes with the metabolic processes of vital organs.

Left untreated, fluid overload can cause serious complications, affecting patients’ ability to perform daily activities such as walking, sleeping or even breathing.

Current in-hospital treatments, such as diuretics, aim to facilitate the kidney’s ability to secrete large volumes of urine and reduce the “overload”.

These treatments often require invasive administration of the drugs and may lead to adverse effects, such as deterioration of kidney renal function, electrolytes imbalance and progressive resistance to therapy.

What if there is a better way…

The AquaPass Solution

AquaPass is an early-stage medical device startup aiming to revolutionize the way fluid overload is treated today.

Aquapass offers the first non-invasive, drug-free, fluid overload treatment system. The system removes fluids directly from the interstitial compartment, through the skin, by controlling and enhancing the natural process of perspiration.

Our award-winning, patented system is composed of a wearable body suit and its microclimate generator. This creates the optimal environmental conditions to induce natural perspiration and its immediate evaporation thus ensuring the patient is dry and without thermal discomfort.

The system maintains a stable core temperature while enabling treatment to be optimized per individual’s physiology. This highly efficient and safe treatment can be provided in hospital, at outpatient clinics and at home.

Aquapas Solution

AquaPass Advantages



Safe & easy-to-use
in and out
of hospital

Relief of overload
symptoms and
preservation of
renal function

side effects

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About AquaPass

AquaPass is led by a highly professional and seasoned team of healthcare and business veterans with the backing of top industry key opinion leaders. Our proprietary technology has been shown to be safe and effective in a proof-of-concept study with further clinical trials underway.

Our Management

Yaacov Nitzan

Yaacov Nitzan
Founder & CTO

Or Inbar

Or Inbar
Head of R&D

Rotem Katzenellenbogen

Board of Directors

Alon Maor

Alon Maor
Life science investor, BRM

Tovy Sivan, B.Sc., MBA

Tovy Sivan
Director & Co-founder of medical device companies

Moshe Mizrahy
Successful entrepreneur and medical veteran

Adi Gur

Adi Gur
CEO, Arbelon holding company (medtech consulting)

Scientific Advisory Board

Professor William T. Abraham
Professor William T. Abraham
Ohio State University
Professor Doron Aronson

Doron Aronson
Rambam Medical Center

Professor Daniel Burkhoff

Daniel Burkhoff
Cardiovascular Research Foundation
New York, NY

News & Events

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American Technion society

February 28, 2023
No sweat: Aquapass Microclimate Suit enters FDA pre-submission application stage

Bio world

March 8, 2023

The FDA has granted
us designation as a
Breakthrough Device

December, 2022


Presentation at the
CSI Focus D-HF

December 9, 2022

Israeli invention-

A wearable suit designed for fluids disposal through the skin in heart failure patients.

October 19, 2022

Medical Wins
“Most promising
startup” at
TCT 2021

November 6, 2021

AquaPass Medical Wins “Most promising early-stage startup” at TCT 2021

Completes Proof
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October 10, 2021